bins -- Generate a static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags


bins [-f config_file] [-o STR] [-d STR] [-c color_style] [-s style] [-t template_dir] [-p] [-e] [-i iKey,iKey...] [-v X] [-h] {source_dir} {target_dir}


This manual page documents briefly the bins command.

This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. Instead, it has documentation in HTML in /usr/share/doc/bins/index.html as well as a -h option.

bins is a program that takes a collection of directories and files containing JPEG images and XML descriptions, combines them with a set of HTML templates, and produces a complete photo gallery of static HTML files, rescaled images at three sizes, and thumbnails.


-f config_file

use an alternative configuration file, instead of ~/.bins/binsrc..

-o STR

Tells script to use only one copy of image using HTML size specs (height, width specs in the image tag) for scaled versions (instead of generating several images, one for each size).

Default is false.

STR is an optional argument to set how the one image is generated. Possible values:


(make scaled copy of orig in target_dir hierarchy, sized to max size). Default.


(copy orig to web dir)


(use copy if filesize < 1meg resize, resave, if bigger than 1 meg)

-d STR

Determine if tags found in EXIF structure are added in desc files.

STR is one of "always", "never" or "exist" ("exist" only adds if the desc file already exist.) Default is always.

-c color_style

Color style to use. Can be blue (default one), green, ivory and pink or any other one defined in configuration/description files.

-s style

Template style to use (styles provided for now are default, joi and satyap).

-t template_dir

Specify location of html templates.

Default is ~/.bins, falling back to default versions in /etc/bins/


Numbers preceding the album title, followed by an underscore are stripped. If this option is given, then prefix ordering numbers on directories are removed. For example, if one has directories may, june, and august, they can be renamed 0_may, 1_june, and 2_august and they will appear in the album in the correct order.


Tells the script to generate an editable version of the album. If set, some more links and icons are added