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This ones shows LUCI editing my .inputrc for configuring readline variables (see bash(1) man pages for details). The description file uses the set type. Note that all variables are optional. If you uncheck one of the entries, the corresponding variable will be changed to a comment in the file.

LUCI .inputrc screenshot
# Pour faire marcher Home, End, Delete,
# Esc + Delete & Esc + Backspace
"\e\C-h": backward-kill-word
"\e\e[3~": kill-word

# Permettre de rentrer & recevoir
# des caractères accentués
set convert-meta On
set input-meta On
set output-meta On

# Pas de bip audible mais visible
set bell-style visible

# set enable-keypad Off
set completion-ignore-case Off
# set keymap emacs
# set mark-directories On
set completion-query-items 150
#set disable-completion Off
set match-dot On
set visible-stats Off
set expand-tilde Off
#set horizontal-scroll-mode Off
#set mark-modified-lines Off
set editing-mode emacs
#set print-completions-horizontally Off
#set show-all-if-ambiguous Off
#set comment-begin #
#set isearch-terminators C-[C-J)

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