Plucker/Sitescooper configuration

This is my set of scripts and config files to spider some information sources from the Web and put it daily on my PDA.

It uses Plucker and Sitescooper.

All this files can be get from my arch archive.

Sites files for Sitescooper

Here are the site files for Sitescooper. Put them in your ~/.sitescooper/sites directory.

Plucker configuration

Put the home.html file in your ~/.plucker directory. This is the starting page you'll get on your PDA. Edit it to meet your needs.

Update script

The script will run Sitescooper to get all sites you want to and then runs Plucker to turn all grabbed sites to an PalmOS database.

Put the script into the crontab to run it every morning before you go to work / school / bar :

15 07 * * * $HOME/bin/ >/tmp/plucker.log 2>&1

Last modified: Sat May 29 21:19:59 CEST 2004