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OK, so what is LUCI ?

"LUCI is a Universal Configuration Interface".

So what does this mean?

LUCI provides a way to edit any configuration file by using a graphical interface instead of a text editor. Even if you, like me, are a vi adept, you know the way to world domination passes through the generalization of the graphical interface.

But how does LUCI work ?

The idea is: Every configuration file should come with a little text file that describes it. LUCI needs this description file to know how to read and edit the configuration file. This description file should be provided by the maintainer of the package or the author of the program that uses the configuration file. If you want to see some sample description files, with screenshots, go to the examples page. Take a look at the tutorial to get a better idea on how these files are made.

If you want to receive a mail announcing new releases, go to the LUCI Freshmeat page and click on Subscribe to new releases.

Tarball and installation instructions are available on the download page. A CVS development tree is available. If you want a read acces to get the current development version or a read/write access to contribute to LUCI, just mail me. LUCI is in an early development stage, but it is usable for most of the «classic» configuration files.

Please email all comments concerning LUCI to me at Jerome @
My future work on LUCI will depend on the feedback I receive.

THX, Jérôme.


2001/03/11: release of LUCI 0.2.2:

2000/05/25: A CVS development tree is available. Mail me if you're interrested for an access.

2000/05/08: release of LUCI 0.2.1:

2000/03/25: release of LUCI 0.2.0. Changes includes:

2000/02/18: Mike Goldman has made a Debian Package for woody, the current testing version distribution.

1999/12/22: release of LUCI 0.1.1, with some minor changes:

1999/12/18: release of LUCI 0.1.0, first public version.

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